The advantages of a well-maintained and updated intranet are manifold:

  • knowledge management and communication transparency lead to employee satisfaction and staff retention.
  • free-up time for the actual work on projects, with customers and for "business".
  • is key for a thriving corporate culture.
  • investing in a well-structured intranet will not go unnoticed by your competitors and partners.

I am convinced that a user-friendly digital workplace will significantly increase your competitiveness and productivity.


With me at your side you can be sure to hire a reliable and discreet partner, who conceptualizes, optimizes and updates your digital workplace and intranet.


In the short-term you would like to...

  • make everyday work easier for your employees by finding documents, templates, etc. more quickly
  • save your own personnel resources
  • know about the hidden potentials that your digital workplace offers
  • improve limited functionalities
  • know the status quo of your intranet
  • avoid the purchase of unnecessary or wrong solutions

In the long-term you want...

  • increase workflow and productivity
  • keep the company’s knowledge capital and establish your intranet as a knowledge repository
  • promote internal knowledge acquisition and transfer
  • enable a user-friendly knowledge exchange
  • improve your company’s dynamics and innovative power
  • create supportive work structures
  • ensure employee satisfaction and establish a vibrant corporate culture


Contact me to learn how you can achieve these goals.