Digital inventory - a content audit provides for clarity

The digital inventory equals a "visual map". It allows you to quickly see and understand the content types and categories that are currently part of your intranet. This inventory clarifies at a glance, what content or structure could be revised, restructured or deleted.


Content Management - a content check

I will analyze your intranet content whilst considering its quality, relevance and timeliness.


Conception - concretizing the idea

Your digital workplace needs a new concept in order to be as user-friendly as you and your employees want it to be. From conception to project management to implementation, I take all the steps that lead to the goal.


Implementation - everything in its place

I integrate all information, data and texts into the desired, user-friendly intranet structure.


Intranet consulting – your time for decisions

Do you think that your intranet will no longer meet requirements and expectations? Are you thinking about new purchase?
gcm garcia content management develops your requirement catalogue. This will allow you to ask full-service agencies for quotes.The advantage is: I know your wishes and specifications.


Based on the requirement catalogue I research and write for you, you will know all the facts and details to make a worthwhile investment decision.


I am independent and do not collaborate with any full-service agency or software provider. My focus is to find solutions that are good for your company.


Please contact me to answer your question.